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Phnom Penh Cityview

Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city of Cambodia. Located on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River, Phnom Penh has been the national capital since French colonization of Cambodia, and has grown to become the nation's center of economic and industrial activities, as well as the center of security, politics, cultural heritage, and diplomacy of Cambodia. Once known as the "Pearl of Asia," it was considered one of the loveliest French-built cities in Indochina[4] in the 1920s. Phnom Penh, along with Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, are significant global and domestic tourist destinations for Cambodia. Founded in 1434, the city is noted for its beautiful and historical architecture and attractions. There are a number of surviving French colonial buildings scattered along the grand boulevards. 

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Phnom Penh City 53
Phnom Penh City 51
Phnom Penh City 50
Phnom Penh City 49
Phnom Penh City 48
Phnom Penh City 41
Phnom Penh City 39
Phnom Penh City 37
Phnom Penh City 36
Phnom Penh City 34
Phnom Penh City 27
Phnom Penh City 23
Phnom Penh City 20
Phnom Penh City 19
Phnom Penh City 16
Phnom Penh City 14
Phnom Penh City 12
Phnom Penh City 10
Phnom Penh City 07
Phnom Penh City 04
Phnom Penh City 03
Phnom Penh City 01
National Museum Phnom Penh 02
National Museum Phnom Penh 06
National Museum Phnom Penh 10
National Museum Phnom Penh 13
National Museum Phnom Penh 15
National Museum Phnom Penh 21
National Museum Phnom Penh 25
National Museum Phnom Penh 33
National Museum Phnom Penh 36
National Museum Phnom Penh 49
National Museum Phnom Penh 50
National Museum Phnom Penh 55
National Museum Phnom Penh 57
National Museum Phnom Penh 73
National Museum Phnom Penh 74
National Museum Phnom Penh 84
03 Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay
05 Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay
11 Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay
12 Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay
18 Preah Tineang Phochani
22 Preah Tineang Phochani
35 Preah Tineang Tevea Vinichhay
37 Preah Reach Damnakchan
40 Hor Samritvimean
46 Preah Tineang Chanchhaya
61 The Royal Palace
78 The Royal Palace
79 The Royal Palace
81 The Royal Palace
Phnom Penh City 64
Phnom Penh City 65
Phnom Penh City 93
Phnom Penh City 98
Phnom Penh City 100
Phnom Penh City 102
Phnom Penh City 107
Phnom Penh City 109
Phnom Penh City 130
Phnom Penh City 132
Phnom Penh City 136
Phnom Penh City 139
Silver Pagoda 09
Silver Pagoda 13
Silver Pagoda 14
Silver Pagoda 19
Silver Pagoda 20
Silver Pagoda 23
Silver Pagoda 42
Silver Pagoda 50
Silver Pagoda 56
Silver Pagoda 63
Silver Pagoda 82
Silver Pagoda 83
Wat Phnom 44
Wat Phnom 29
Wat Phnom 23
Independence Monument 05
Wat LangKa Pagoda 10
Wat LangKa Pagoda 01
Royal Palace Park 04
Royal Palace Park 10
Royal Palace Park 13
Royal Palace Park 43
Royal Palace Park 56
Wat Ounalom Pagoda 07
Wat Ounalom Pagoda 21
Wat Ounalom Pagoda 23
Wat Ounalom Pagoda 24
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