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02/01/2014, 22:25:04 / 22 Photo

Trang An Landscape

Trang An is an eco- resort located in the scenic population Trang An Ninh Binh province of Vietnam Government has vestige of special national importance. It is also known as the ancient capital of Hoa Lu South, including systems with old limestone mountains about 250 million years of geology, weathering over a long period by the transformation of the earth, the climate, the sea, degradation of their marine brought hundreds of valleys, caves, lakes dress. In these landscapes, there are many wetland ecosystems, forests and limestone monuments linked to the history of the ancient capital of Hoa Lu. Contact resort of Trang An - Tam Coc - Hoa Lu ancient capital is planned general population landscapes in Trang An, a representative of Vietnam Heritage World Heritage candidate with the outstanding value of landscape natural, cultural history and tectonic. It is expected to become a world heritage mixed with 2 criteria both culture and nature in Vietnam and the first place is also being invested to become a resort of national importance. 

Trang An Panorama 01
Trang An Panorama 04
Trang An Panorama 03
Trang An Panorama 09
Trang An Panorama 08
Trang An Panorama 16
Trang An Panorama 02
Trang An Panorama 05
Trang An Panorama 12
Trang An Panorama 13
Trang An Panorama 17
Trang An Panorama 18
Trang An Panorama 19
Trang An Panorama 20
Trang An Wharf 02
Trang An Panorama 21
Trang An Panorama 06
Trang An Wharf 03
Trang An Wharf 04
Trang An Wharf 05
Trang An Wharf 06
Trang An Wharf 07
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