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Brief Biography

Hello everyone.

I was born in Hanoi and now lives in the Ho Chi Minh City. I am a painter and I’ve also passionate the art of photography because photography always bring for me enjoy and exciting experiences. Photography for me is not just a passion, great moments of light, the endless emotions of everyday life through viewing angle of the lensand above all that - That's the my truest experience on "life paintings" through the every journey. I know photography is a long way and there is no end point but for me, gone on the "that road" and to experience the flavor of life and learned more as an unbounded happiness.
I made website www.tonyphamtran.vn because I wanted to share with everyone the beautiful pictures and descriptions of the country and people of Vietnam friendly and lovely. Though a lot of effort but certainly the image I want to share with everyone who can not avoid the limitations and shortcomings, but I hope you, my friends, and people will always support the passion of me. Customers wishing to purchase photos, please contact address: phamtrantony@gmail.com or tungtt@kimnguu.com.vn, we will advise on price and form of payment and delivery image. All images by customers chose to buy just buy the right to use, we still hold the copyright of the image.

Sincere thanks!

Tony PhamTran


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